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We are the new kids on the block, while building on 10+ years within PLM through eBOM and 30+ years of market experience in CAD through Nordcad

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Guiding your digital transformation

We are passionate about helping our customers get innovative products to the market rapidly. We help you collaborate and manage your product throughout its lifecycle, with the right PLM and QMS tools.

Let us be your guide on your digital transformation.

We help drive organizational change

At a glance, it might look like we are software providers. What it really comes down to is getting those tools implemented and accepted throughout your organisation. We guide your company on that journey.

Who loves us?

We find our strongest fanbase in companies who are passionate about their products. If you’re working within high tech electronics, internet of things, or medical device – you have come to the right place.

We come from the cloud

With 10+ years of experience working with cloud solutions, we are cloud natives.


We've been around longer than the boom box

Nordcad has provided the best ECAD tools since the 1980’s. We have seen the CAD development all the way from the boom box era to the IoT age. Constantly staying on the forefront, Nordcad is now market leader in ECAD in the Nordics and stronger than ever.

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    - Klara Sibeck, CXO


    Highstage - because one size doesn't fit all

    Highstage offers the benefits of a cloud tool, while staying extremely flexible and adaptable to your needs. eBOM by Nordcad is a partner of Highstage, acting as a reseller in the Nordics and Baltics.

    Highstage for high tech electronics & IoT

    Highstage is developed for the electronics industry, and designed to boost productivity in product development. With its endless integration possibilities the sky is the limit.

    Highstage for medical device

    Highlights: Offering a document management integration with Microsoft Words that will make you smile, and a validation scheme that will keep your auditors happy too.


    How Develco Products conquered BOM hell

    “Experiencing a large growth, we were more and more exposed to the risk of mixing up BOM’s for all our parts and variants. We realised that Excel could no longer give us the level of confidence that we needed, and searched the market for a solution. Highstage has proven great in getting a strong grip on our BOM’s and revision control.”

    Joakim Jørgensen

    Hardware Developer

    Uneeg Medical has got a steel grip on their technical files

    Uneeg uses Highstage across their development projects. Documents are electronically signed by reviewers and approvers, according to FDA CFR Part 11 requirements. Nita Volder Hansen at Uneeg is a big fan of references, and for a good reason – references in Highstage are used to manage which revision is correct and valid. Using the Reference Lock functionality, a revision can be locked to the DHF even if newer versions exist.

    “I just love references!”

    Nita Volder Hansen

    Process Engineer


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